Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wild Times on Mull

Spent a week on the Isle of Mull, looking for wildlife and generally chillin out. We were mainly looking for and saw White Tailed Eagles, but our photo of the holiday came from a walk around the Treshnish Peninsula. At an area known locally for it's links with smuggling and illicit Whiskey moonshine, I spotted a pair of Otters just offshore. A closer inspection revealed three Otters, presumably a mother and two cubs, fishing, playing and later play-fighting. We watched them for about twenty minutes and I couldn't believe our luck as the sun came out and I managed to get some reasonable shots.

During an earlier drive out, we came across this soaked Buzzard, trying to dry off on a telegraph pole. Buzzards are usually quite flighty birds, but this one seemed too wet to care. We had a great time on Mull. Given the opportunity, I would happily move over there. Can't wait to get back.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Farlington Marsh Kestrel Take-off

Discovered Farlington Marshes, nr Portsmouth. Spent a morning there spotting lots of new birds for the 2010 Bird List. As I started my walk around the site I stopped at a pond, marked on the map of the site as a lake. As I looked out over the water, a head popped up. I'd hoped for an opportunity to get a Little Egret close up and here he was.
Lots of photography followed, mainly for scrapbook and ID purposes. It was a great day and the sun shone down. The Brent Geese were gathered in their hundreds, preparing for their migration. As I prepared to leave, I caught site of a Kestrel hunting close to the A27. He took a rest on a nearby street-lamp, giving me the opportunity to train the lens and prepare for take-off. This was the result.
A great place to go for a few hours. I plan to return for dawn on a high tide day. Can't wait.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Eel supper

Took a walk along the South West Coast Path between Abbotsbury and Ferrybridge. This section borders the Fleet Lagoon, an area of water hemmed in by Chesil Beach. There, I spotted this Cormorant fishing. I settled down to watch his efforts, which were soon rewarded. It wasn't until I got home and checked the photo's that I saw that it was actually an eel he had caught, not a fish. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Jubilee Birds

This Robin pic was taken at Jubilee Lake, Thatcham. The birds here are well used to people and if you're careful, you can get right up close and personal.

Also featuring close up and happy to have his picture taken was this Wren. I was very pleased to get this shot. Wrens are usually too skittish to get this close to.

The last star of this walk was this Grey Heron. Not quite so happy to be seen and soon took flight. Almost prehistoric in appearance. A great day out.

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Star Turn

The time: Mid afternoon. The place: Aruba, Caribbean Sea. The star: This Brown Pelican.
Whilst swimming in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Aruba (as you do!) I was unable to avoid a pair of Brown Pelicans low flying over the sea and occasionally diving in for their next meal. Having got out and dried off, I returned with the camera for a couple of shots. Managed to catch this beauty as he caught sight of his next catch. Hope you like.